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Hulu Plus iOS App Updated

Hulu has updated its Hulu Plus iOS app, fixing a number of bugs and bringing a host of new and improved features.

The update comes after Hulu, the second largest online video service in the world, moved its Hulu Plus paid subscription service out of beta and slashed the monthly subscription price to $8.

The app has been updated to include split screen functionality. The split screen will allow users to watch videos and browse certain sections of the app at the same time.

The app displays all shows available on the service but not available on the app. To watch these shows, users will have to visit the Hulu website.

Hulu Plus also comes with updated queue and subscription management features, enhanced playback performance and a much improved settings option, Mac World reports.

Hulu has announced that its service will be supported by all Roku networked media players.

The service, which is already available for iOS devices and Sony's PlayStation 3 games console, will soon be available on a series of Blu-Ray players, HDTVs and Microsoft's Xbox 360.