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India Nearing Data Deal With RIM

Blackberry maker Research In Motion (RIM) is reportedly nearing a deal with the Indian government to provide a lawful intercept of data from Blackberry Enterprise Service (BES).

The Indian Government has been threatening to ban Blackberry devices, which has over one million users in India, from the country due to fears that BES could be used for terrorist purposes.

BES is a corporate messaging service that allows the exchange of secure e-mails among phone users.

RIM had already offered to give the data for its Blackberry Messenger Service, although the government has since asked for BES data too.

After talks between the Canadian phonemaker and government officials a senior home ministry official said that RIM: “ have in principle agreed to provide us recorded data from their servers. Now they have assured us that they will discuss the issue first among themselves and find a way to meet our demands. Later, they would be providing live access to BES.”