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Joojoo tablet gets business makeover

The ill-fated Joojoo tablet looks set to get another lease of life as a business-centric device.

Fusion Garage was rumoured to be dropping the 12.1-inch proddable PC as its second-generation tablet devices come to fruition, but a new reseller agreement with Japanese vertical seller Astec will see the gadget re-purposed for the business market.

Astec intends to bump the internal memory to 16GB and customise the open-source operating system for enterprise applications, as well as offering Windows and Linux versions.

Fusion Garage says it is looking for other partners to relabel the hardware and will stop selling the Joojoo from its own web site as of tomorrow.

The company has also announced plans for a new line of tablets based on the Android operating system which will hit the market in the first half of 2011. The Joojoo brand will be dropped altogether, although the company says it intends to continue to support existing users.

"We are very pleased by the rapidly-increasing vertical market interest in joojoo," said Fusion Garage boss, Chandra Rathakrishnan. "Companies such as Astec are able to do some very innovative customisation of the product and enable Joojoo to be used in business applications that go beyond our consumer focus.

"At the same time, this marks the end of Joojoo as a product and a brand for Fusion Garage. We have learned a lot and will carry forward insight gained from Joojoo to our new generation of products."