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"Keg Stands" Keep LinkedIn Safe From Facebook

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner has said that embarrassing personal photos on other social network sites make the platform impervious to competition from social networking giant Facebook.

During the Web 2.0 conference, the CEO said that "keg stands" differentiate LinkedIn from Facebook, which has amassed a user base of 500 million users.

Explaining his comment further, Weiner said that “While many of us in college probably were at parties having a good time, doing things like keg stands, or being exposed to keg stands, I don’t know that many of us would look forward to having a prospective employer have access to picture of those events.”

He said that most people preferred to keep their professional lives separate from their personal lives. Social networks like Facebook allow users to share their most intimate and embarrassing moments with their friends. LinkedIn allows users to form a vast network of colleagues, bosses and business contacts that would help them land-up better jobs.

While talking during the Web 2.0, Weiner said that LinkedIn now had 85 million users and around half of them were located in China and Brazil.