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Microsoft launches office comms tool Lync

Microsoft has launched a revamped office communications tool called Lync.

The software is intended to replace using the phone and actually talking to people as the de facto means of communication in the workplace.

Lync combines voice calls, instant messaging, video conferencing and web chat into a single package and can even hook up to a Kinect-equipped Xbox 360, which is all the excuse we need to get a games console installed in the board room.

The software, which used to be called Office Communications Server 2007, is tied in closely with Microsoft's workplace applications Office, SharePoint and Exchange.

Microsoft says that Shell, Boeing and Nikon have already started rolling out the technology in their offices and that the Redmond company's own Lync network is saving it $250 million a year. Which will buy a lot of games for that Xbox.

Microsoft is currently certifying telephone systems and other hardware which will work with Lync, which rolls out to 150 countries on December 1st.