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News@10: Vaizey Plans To Ditch Net Neutrality, Ofcom Predicts 4G By 2014 & Palm

Communications Minister Ed Vaizey has suggested that Internet Service Providers could soon be allowed to drop net neutrality and prioritise paying content providers. The move away from net neutrality could lead to certain websites, willing to pay ISP’s such as Sky and BT for preferential treatment, being able to deliver material to users much faster and possibly affecting the online traffic of non-paying websites.

Ofcom has outlined plans to roll out LTE 800MHz and 2.6GHz mobile internet connections by 2014. The broadcasting regulator plans to auction frequencies for the high-speed 4G data services to mobile internet providers in 2012, with the service set to be in place by late 2013. The uptake of 4G should offer quicker web browsing and better network coverage for mobile phone users.

The CEO of Palm, Jon Rubinstein, has been frank about past mistakes by the company after it failed to increase its marketshare in the smartphone segment and was ultimately bought by HP. He has however been very enthusiastic about plans for WebOS next year now that the Pre 2 is out.

The Independent's new 20p spinoff newspaper i is to launch a paid-for app for Apple's iPad, offering 10 issues for £1.79. According to The Guardian, users taking up the paid subscription model of the app will also get an additional 5 issues for free.

Facebook has launched its virtual currency system Facebook Credits in the UK, with customers able to buy giftcards for the scheme in high street shops. Facebook credits can be used to buy digital goods and gifts on online games like Farmville. At present over 200 apps and games currently accept Facebook credits.