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OnLive Broadband-based Microconsole Gets Hands On

Onlive, the gaming startup, has released its tiny gaming console, aptly called the Microconsole, one that uses the customer's internet access to deliver traditional gaming performance to the lounge.

Engadget has a complete hands-on (but no actual tests) of the device.

The actual box itself is not much bigger than an external hard disk drive and comes with an AV socket, audio out, optical out, Bluetooth, two USB, Ethernet and HDMI ports. There's also a single proprietary wireless gamepad as the only accessory.

OnLive says that the box will allow games to be rendered in real time at 60fps at in full HD resolution using the company's own patented technologies.

The console uses only 6W, a fraction of its bigger rivals, and will be able to play up to 40 games at launch with more than 100 games in the pipeline including Duke Nukem Forever and Fear 3.

OnLive says that it is planning a flat-rate fee like Netflix for older and indie games which are less popular and possibly less resource hungry.

BT has already signed an agreement with OnLive to bring the system in the UK soon and we'd bet our bottom dollar that the company may well start licensing the technology to set top box manufacturers, making it a very attractive acquisition for someone like Cisco.