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Palm Pre 2 Smartphone Dynamically Alters CPU Speed

The new Palm Pre 2 uses a 1GHz processor although no one is sure yet whether it is a TI OMAP 3630 or another model; but one owner said that he discovered that the Pre 2 appears to be scaling between 300Mhz and 1Ghz by default.

Such a behaviour has been confirmed by many at Precentral, which could well mean some significant improvements in battery life especially as the current battery capacity (1150mAh) is less than most of the commpetition.

Running at a lower processor speed almost guarantees a better battery life (through reduced power consumption) as well as less heat dissipation.

The original Palm Pre smartphone was clocked at 500Mhz (underclocked) and some users managed to overclocked it to 720MHz with underclocks generally reaching down to 250Mhz.

It is not known whether dynamic clocking will be a hidden feature of the new Web OS 2.0, in which case it will be interesting to find out whether it applies to the Palm Pre.

You can buy the Palm Pre 2 handset direct from HP for only £399 including delivery.