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Price Of 2TB Hard Drives Tumbles To Less Than £60

The price of high capacity hard disk drives continues its downward fall as at least one vendor is selling a 2TB hard disk drive for less than £60.

Aria PC Technology is stocking the device, a Samsung 2TB HD204UI Spinpoint F4 model, for £58.74 excluding delivery with limited availability.

The drive comes with a SATA-II interface, a spin speed of 5400RPM, a seek time of 8.9ms, three years warranty and uses only three platters to achieve this capacity.

According to Samsung, the drive should deliver the same performance as other lower capacity 7200RPM hard disk drives and outperform other "green" drives by up to 10 per cent.

At less than 30p per unformatted GB, the Spinpoint F4 sets a new record, in the UK at least, with the per GB price of spinning disk threatening to match that of read-only optical disks.

HGST has just recently launched its 3TB hard disk drive, a model that offers 50 per cent more capacity but costs more than twice the price.