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Swedish prosecutor seeks Assange arrest for rape

Sweden’s Director of Public Prosections today asked for a court order to detain WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for questioning over rape allegations.

Assange has denied the allegations, which came after he met with two women after giving a seminar in Stockholm on 14th August.

Police are also said to be investigating allegations of sexual molestation and unlawful coercion made against the Australian.

The Stockholm District Court is set to rule on the request, which could pave the way for an international arrest warrant for Assange, whose current whereabouts are unclear.

"The reason for my request is that we need to interrogate him," DPP Marianne Ny said in a statement. "So far, we have not been able to meet with him to accomplish the interrogation."

Assange recently told a radio interviewer in Switzerland that he was considering seeking asylum in the country after being refused residence in Sweden, where some of WikiLeaks’ servers are located.

Assange has always maintained his innocence of the allegations, and has said that he is being targeted by US intelligence as part of a smear campaign against WikiLeaks.

The court order request comes less than a month after the site released nearly 400,000 classified US Defense Department documents concerning the war in Iraq, which have given rise to claims that the US colluded with Iraqi security services in the torture of civilians. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.