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Virgin declares war on broadband speed lies

Virgin media has launched an attack on other ISPs saying that their claims about broadband speeds are a con.

The campaign, which is based at, includes a petition and a personal plea from Beardie Branson himself.

"If you regularly use the web, I would ask you to spend just a few moments reading this," he said, all of a pickle. "Virgin prides itself on being innovative and challenging the norms but my views on how to treat customers are pretty traditional. Whether it’s a topped up pint in the pub, the full forty miles-to-the–gallon or broadband speeds - we should all get what we pay for. At Virgin, we believe in being honest about the service we provide. But there’s something going on in broadband advertising that’s against everything we stand for."

Sir Richard, or Dick, as he's known to his rivals, then points out that some ISPs advertise super fact broadband speeds they know very well they can't deliver with the now notorious 'up to' claims.

He reckons Virgin is already delivering the fastest broadband speeds in the UK and throws down a gauntlet to others, remarking, "I’m challenging all broadband providers to be honest with their customers. And I’m asking you to challenge your provider as well."

Despite making the same 'up to' claims as everyone else in the industry, Virgin at least publishes average speeds for its four broadband packages based on figures supplied by Sam Knows. Current figures suggest that Virgin's 'up to' 10Mb offering clocks in at 9.37Mb while the 50Mb service manages 46.77Mb on average.

The company's 20Mb deal clocks up 18.61Mb which is pretty impressive when compared to your humble author's 'up to' 20Mb service from Sky which rarely wheezes past the 8Mb mark.

There's no denying that the ISP industry needs to clean its act up and stop telling porkies about the speeds it offers, but do we really need the toothsome billionaire to lead the charge?