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Virgin Mobile offers latest Nokia handset on a low cost tariff

Mobile phone network Virgin Mobile has released the Nokia 6700 Slide, on a cheaply priced contract for just £8.50 a month.

The Nokia 6700 slider based handset arrives with just 100 minutes and a 100 text message allowance, on a 24-month plan.

Nokia's 6700 Slide builds on from the 6700 Classic model, which is the successor to the best-selling 6300 series of phones from 2007 - with a familiar Nokia design and feel.

The Nokia 6700 Slide ships with Symbian S60, 3rd edition feature pack 2, with the same 5 megapixel camera as the 6700 classic handset, although that mobile arrives with the older, less advanced S40 OS.

There's also a 2GB microSD card accompanying the phone, along with a built-in radio and the regular access to the 7,000 plus applications that populate the Ovi app repository.

This phone is only around in the shocking pink colour from VM, which will inevitability be a contender for the youth market and arrives just in time as a Christmas stocking filler.

Nokia's 6700 slide is also available on pay as you go with Virgin Media, for £159.99 which includes a £10 top-up allowance with the phone costing £149.99 directly from Nokia.

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