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White iPhone Kit Teen Receives Legal Threats

A 17 year old high school senior and entrepreneur has received legal threats after selling white iPhone conversion kits online.

Fei Lam has been selling the conversion kit for $279 from his site, allowing users to convert their black iPhone 4 handsets into white ones without shelling out for a new device.

According to PC World, Lam has received a threatening letter from a private investigator claiming the parts used for making the phone are either stolen or counterfeited and that he should cease selling the kits on his website.

Lam, who is fluent in Chinese, was able to obtain the parts by convincing the Taiwanese manufacturer of iPhone devices Foxconn, to send him iPhone 4 cases with a white front and back panel and an integrated white button.

It has been claimed that the teenager has made profits of up to $ 130,000.

The white iPhone was originally set to be released by Apple at the end of this year but due to camera faults with the device it has now been postponed until early 2011.