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World's easiest to use phone arrives

Netherlands based mobile phone manufacturer known as John Doe had created the most simplest mobile phone, for anyone and everyone to use from children to grandparents.

The mobile is simply known as John's Phone, presumably after the design company behind the handset, where the phone can really only receive and make calls and that's about it.

There is a small screen on the top of the handset, which has the appearance of a Pager's screen from yesteryear and this just displays the number of the incoming call or the number being dialled from the large keypad.

John's Phone can't make or receive text messages, can't access the Internet and has no WIFI, can't take a picture, doesn't contain any apps nor does it contain an address book. The company has a work around for the last issue, by providing a notepad and pen - for manually writing down phone numbers.

John Doe's handset has quad-band GSM access and can use any SIM card, although the phone can't be used in Japan or South Korea but it does have a three week battery life.

The mobile is a true back to basics mobile, where there's really no frills attached and if all that's needed is just a handset to make and receive calls then this appears to be the ideal mobile.

John's Phone is available on-line now in various colours, all with the same functionality starting at 69,95 Euros for the white version where the brown, black, pink and green models all cost 79,95 Euros.

John's Phone

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