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Yahoo Testing Google Instant Rival

Yahoo is currently testing a new Google Instant-like feature designed to allow users to view live previews of search results as they type queries into the search engine.

Named “Rich Search Assist”, the internet giant has said that it will not be a fully fledged clone of Google Instant, but will be a unique platform in its own right, sitting between Instant and any traditional auto-complete suggestions feature on search engines.

Even though the Instant feature was launched first by Google, Yahoo claims that it had already developed a prototype for Instant search way back in 2005, and filed patents for the technology.

The ailing internet giant said, however, that it hadn’t found a consumer ready use for the technology until now.

According to Yahoo, the “Rich Search Assist” will update suggested search queries as soon a user types into the search box. The feature will then show the top search results for the suggested query.