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Apple iPad 2 Tablet Component Suppliers Point To Q1 2011 Launch

Fresh rumours from Taiwan indicate that the next generation of Apple tablet devices, commonly known as the iPad 2 or iPad 2G, will be launched in the first quarter of 2011.

Digitimes says that three local companies, Ibiden, Tripod Technology and TTM Technologies, have been listed as the initial PCB suppliers for the device with an additional four being likely to be added in February 2011 when demand for the device is expected to pick up.

Digitimes' source says that the three companies have already received the necessary approvals from Apple and will start shipping boards for the iPad 2 in December albeit in small quantities.

We strongly suspect that, like last year, the iPad 2 will be showcased by Steve Jobs at the beginning of the year before a full-blown release months later. Digitimes published more details about supplier selection back in September.

Later than month, analysts from Goldman Sachs published their expectations about the device pointing to the fact that their research indicated that the iPad 2 would have a built-in camera and a mini USB connection.

Back in January, we wrote our expectations for the iPad 2 including Flash support, something which is very, very unlikely to ever happen.

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