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Disney Partners With Gowalla For Resort Check-Ins

Disney has partnered with location-based social networking service Gowalla to allow users to "check-in" to its resorts.

Gowalla will also offer users the chance to earn virtual Disney stamps and a chance to go on customised tours.

According to the company, anyone checking-in to a Disney theme park in the US using the Gowalla application will be able to create a travelogue of their visit by a series of location check-ins and photo sharing. Users will also virtual version of Disney stamps and go on customised tours of the theme parks using Gowalla.

The company said that, even before the deal, Disney theme parks accounted for a large amount of the traffic on Gowalla.

Josh Williams, the CEO and co-founder of Gowalla wrote on a blog post: “One of the biggest joys of this project is seeing the Disney attractions and characters come to life in Gowalla. We’re launching over 100 new featured stamps within Disney Parks today, with over 100 more expected by the end of the year.”