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German Hacks National Security Agency's SHA1#

A German hacker has claimed to have hacked the National Security Agency's Secure Hashing Algorithm (SHA1) using rented computing resources.

German hacker Thomas Roth used GPU-powered rented computing resources to crack 10 out of the 14 SHA1 passwords he was aiming for. He used brute force attacks to achieve the hack in 49 minutes.

Roth managed to hire the computing resources used to hack the SHA1 encryption for $2.

Security experts have warned for quite some time that the once powerful password encryption technique is no longer safe to use.

The problem lies in the fact that, with the advances in computing technology, security experts the world over have been warning about the increase in malicious viruses and hacking attacks. Western companies and countries feel threatened by rise in Stuxnet-like viruses that attack the critical infrastructure of an organisation.

In such a scenario, the availability of super-cheap super computing services are troubling the minds of security experts looking to secure their networks against sophisticated cyber attacks.