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Google Brings Full Spectrum Of Services To Enterprise Apps

The Google Apps enterprise productivity suite has been updated to include access to more than 60 consumer apps like Blogger, YouTube and Google Maps.

In a blog post, Google said that it will be offering a full spectrum of consumer apps from its web services to empower enterprise users with more productivity options.

The company said that administrators will have the ability to provide different sets of applications to different groups of users.

“For example, you could equip your marketing team with Picasa Web Albums so they can collect and share photos from customer appreciation events, and let that team publish your company’s blog with Blogger,” Google explained.

Google said that users will be able to shift to the new infrastructure supporting the consumer apps at their own pace within the next couple of months.

In addition to adding consumers apps to Google Apps, the company said that daily updates will be made to the Google Enterprise blog, providing suggestions on how to use particular Google consumer app within the enterprise.