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Google Chrome Tops 'Dirty Dozen' Apps List

Google's Chrome web browser has topped the 'Dirty Dozen' list of most vulnerable apps released by security firm Bit9.

The list is based on the data available with the National Institute of Standards and Technology's public National Vulnerability Database. According to the stats, Google's Chrome web browser reported a total of 76 vulnerabilities this year between January and October. Bit9 found that Apple's Safari web browser is the second most vulnerable product.

However, tech news site Network World reports that Marc Maiffret, a security expert with eEye Digital Security, has refuted the claims made by Bit9, saying that the measures used by the software vendor to determine the results are flawed.

In a blog post, Maiffret wrote: “To say that Google's Chrome is the most vulnerable application is to lead IT folks to a conclusion that they should be using a browser other than Chrome and therefore leading them to the wrong conclusion.”