Skip to main content To Be Rolled Out On HTC Desire Smartphone

The is set to appear on the HTC Desire in a near future after a tipoff revealed that HTC is quietly contacting users to gauge their enthusiasm regarding a possible roll out of the service.

Techradar's source says that the guys at HTC are hoping to launch the online service towards the end of the year.

The is only available on the HTC Desire HD and the HTC Desire Z for the time being. It allows users to track the location of their handsets if lost, lock it and even unmute it to make its ringtone more audible.

The service is free for the time being and also offers a number of synching options; bringing it to HTC Desire would remove one more difference between the HTC Desire HD and the HTC Desire.

The latter is available for a total cost of ownership of £430 over 18 months from T-Mobile while the HTC Desire HD carries a TCO of up to £695 on a two year period.

Whether a bigger screen (but same resolution), a different design, HD recording capability and a new processor warrants a 50 percent increase in the contract price remains to be seen.