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Mozilla Adblock Plus Hits 100 Million Downloads

Mozilla's AdBlock Plus a free open source add-on has been downloaded 100 million times, making it the most popular add-on for Firefox.

The add-on is currently the most popular software amongst Firefox users and accounts for 81,000 downloads per day, Mozilla said.

AdBlock Plus allows users to set up filters which enable them to block annoying ads and other undesirable contents. The add-on also contains the “Social Integration” filter, which is effective in blocking social tools and services from web page.

Roughly 12 million people use this add-on on a daily basis, and, according to Mozilla, there are more than 172.5 million add-ons for Firefox which are currently in active use.

Although the AdBlock software is beneficial for users, it may not be good for publishers which depend largely on ad revenue to keep their service free. Many web publishers struggle to create quality content to attract premium ads which are being displayed at the user's end. However, this also creates privacy concerns for the users and they may want to block it.

According to Mozilla, users can make some exceptions and allow ads from certain sites that they trust and visit often. This software also includes filters which can disable analytics and ad tracking systems.