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News@10:BBC Fighting ISPs Over Net Neutrality, White iPhone Appears Online Running Verizon & Wikileaks Founder

p>The BBC is fighting a battle it can't afford to lose against internet service providers like BT, Virgin Media or Sky Broadband as it promises to use its clout to maintain net neutrality.

A two-tier internet ecosystem would spell disaster for BBC and many other big content producers on the market and could have a more devastating effect on the nascent UK video on demand market.

Two pictures of a white version of the Apple iPhone 4 handset has surfaced online with some indication that this might be the real deal with the added bonus that it appears to run on Verizon. Coveringweb leaked both photos which show no SIM card slot on the right because Verizon doesn't use SIM cards and a "Verizon" label at the upper left hand corner of the display.

A Swedish court on Thursday issued a warrant for the arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on suspicion of rape and sexual molestation. “It has been decided that he be detained in absentia," Stockholm district court judge Alan Camitz told AFP.

Disney has partnered with location-based social networking service Gowalla to allow users to "check-in" to its resorts. Gowalla will also offer users the chance to earn virtual Disney stamps and a chance to go on customised tours.

Over 150,000 users are regularly updating the free Sophos anti-virus tool for Mac computers from its servers. In a blog post, Sophos security expert Graham Cluley said that the Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition, which was launched on 2 November, was seeing one download per second at its peak.