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Price Of Android-based Vodafone 845 Smartphone Falls To £68

We dug one more gem of a deal from Ebay which has been having a "Black Friday" of its own, one which is brought to us courtesy of Vodafone and is now UK's cheapest Android handset by a fair margin.

The deal can be found here; that's a Vodafone 845 Joy Mobile Phone on Vodafone PAYG which normally costs £80 including delivery and comes with 160 eBay plus points worth £1.60 at Ebay.

But using the voucher code C2VDFN, you can bring that price down to £68 only; if that wasn't enough to convince you, the phone also comes with a free Bluetooth handset and doesn't need additional voucher purchase as it is normally the case.

The Vodafone 845 has a 2.8-inch resistive screen, 500MB onboard memory, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, a 3.2-megapixel camera without Flash and access to Google App Marketplace.

The phone comes with a 12-months warranty and Vodafone's own 360 interface that also gives you access to the company's proprietary music shop which sells albums and tracks for as little as 49p.

It is significantly cheaper than the Orange San Francisco, but the latter is so feature-laden that it still remains our all time favourite Android handset.