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Three Launches Human Hotspots Across Major UK Cities

Three is set to offer free Wi-Fi in major cities across the UK by deploying 'Human Hotspots' armed with its MiFi devices.

The Human Hotspots will allow people with Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices to access the web using Three's 3G network.

The free Wi-Fi campaign comes after Three conducted a nation wide survey which found that one third of Brits are planning to buy a mobile device this Christmas and that around 60 per cent Brits already owned a Wi-Fi connected mobile device.

The survey also found that Brits tend to access mobile internet from their living rooms more often than from other areas..

Matthew Halfin, marketing manager for Three’s mobile broadband, said in a statement to Pocket-Lint: “People are now using mobile internet as part of their everyday lifestyle, and we think it's important that we’re able to support our customers by providing them with reliable and fast connectivity for wherever they want to go online.”