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US Air Force Claims A Careless Check-In Costs Lives

The US Air Force is desperately urging its troops not to update their profiles on social networking sites.

Air Force officials are worried that servicemen and women updating social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare, could allow enemies to pin-point troop locations and lead to attacks on soldiers or to enemy targets evading capture.

In a memo posted on the Air Force’s internal website to senior commanders, the Air Force said: "All Airmen must understand the implications of using location-based services."

They added that, "careless use of these services by airmen can have devastating operations, security and privacy implications."

According to CNET the US Department of Defence has previously considered banning social networking sites amongst military personnel completely, although backed away from this action, deciding that the sites serve a crucial information-gathering and communication purpose.

The commanding hierarchies of the US army and the US marines are also expected to start circulating similar instructions to its troops.