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Weekly Review - 19th November

The week began with One Mobile Ring reporting that designer BlackBerrys have gone on sale for £1000, whilst the mobile phone network Three offered free access to The Times websites and Vodafone updated HTC Legend handsets running on their network to Android 2.2.

Early on in the week LG announced they've sold one million LG One phones, Research In Motion produced a video of the BlackBerry PlayBook vs Apple iPad and we published pictures of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 being boxing.

Towards the end of week the World's easiest to use phone arrives and Virgin Mobile offered the latest Nokia handset, on a low cost tariff and Google enabled their document editor for use in mobile browsers.


At the start of the week we reported Canadian mobile phone manufacture announced a set of exclusive BlackBerry Bold 9780 models, by well-known designer Bill Amberg

The new backing plates and matching cases for the handsets are by the same outfit that have designed products for Aston Martin and Penguin Books, amongst others - where there are only 60 exclusive new Bold models, each for £1000.

Bill Amberg is an esteemed leather goods designer, who has produced these six different colour BlackBerry Bold 9780 variants, yellow on black, orange on black, red on black, pink on white, blue on white and green on white.

This isn't the first time Selfridges and RIM has teamed up to sell trendy models, just last year the high-end store commissioned the handset maker to customise BlackBerry Bold 9000 phone's in Selfridges' pantone 109 yellow colours for their 100th anniversary.

Midweek, Research In Motion published a video comparison of the BlackBerry PlayBook up against the Apple iPad, which highlights the worth of the upcoming BlackBerry tablet.

The video does show how fast the BlackBerry Playbook loads and handles websites, which is much faster than the Apple iPad. RIM's footage goes on to fault the iPad's web browsing capabilities as a whole, where web sites completely load up on the BlackBerry device and even before the Apple tablet has started to load them.

There is also the native HTML5 ability of the RIM PlayBook to consider, along with being able to handle Flash content - which the Apple iPad cannot.


Three announced early on in the week they are providing free access to The Times websites, for new mobile broadband customers.

This offer is for the first three months of using the broadsheets' on-line 'pay-wall' service, which includes free access to and with the regular £2 a week fee attached then onwards.

Three's Times promotion is for new customers only, who have signed up between November 1st and 31st March 2011 - when this offer ends.

After the initial free three months there's a monthly fee attached of £8.66 for contract customers who still want to view the websites, although prepay customers who top-up with just £10 a month will still continue to have free access to and


Towards the end of the week Google enabled the editing of Google Docs on mobile devices, for the first time ever.

Google has started to roll out this feature to handsets running Android 'Froyo' 2.2, whilst also enabling it for Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad running version 3 or above of the iOS.

Previously it was only possible to view Google documents inside of a web browser, where this new ability allows for documents to be amended and edited - which effectively offers up a free word processor to mobile devices.

Google enabled a similar feature to spreadsheets under Google Docs on phones early last year, which has taken some considerable time to be replicated elsewhere for documents on mobile devices.


One Mobile Ring reported this week the world's easiest to use phone has arrived, for anyone and everyone from children to grandparents.

The mobile is simply known as John's Phone, presumably after the design company behind the handset, where the phone can really only receive and make calls and that's about it.

There is a small screen on the top of the handset, which has the appearance of a Pager's screen from yesteryear and this just displays the number of the incoming call or the number being dialled from the large keypad.

John's Phone can't make or receive text messages, can't access the Internet and has no WIFI, can't take a picture, doesn't contain any apps nor does it contain an address book. The company has a work around for the last issue, by providing a notepad and pen - for manually writing down phone numbers.

John's Phone is available on-line now in various colours, all with the same functionality starting at 69,95 Euros for the white version where the brown, black, pink and green models all cost 79,95 Euros.


At the start of the week LG announced they have sold one million of the LG Optimus One Android handsets, in little over a month.

LG's first Android 'Froyo' 2.2 mobile phone has set a company record by reaching 1 million sales, in just 40 days.

The phone is now available in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and soon even America - where it's known as the Optimus S on the Sprint network, Optimus T with T-Mobile and also as the Vortex on Verizon.

The LG Optimus One arrives running version 2.2 of the platform, with a 3.2-inch HVGA capacitive touch screen, a 600Mhz chipset, with the regular additions of Froyo along with some LG customisation to the OS.

One Mobile Ring attended the launch event of the LG Optimus One, where we published a walkthrough of the phone's features on pictures that can be seen here and also a video walkthrough too, which can be seen here------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Vodafone began to roll out the latest Google mobile OS in the form of Android 'Froyo' 2.2 this week, to HTC Legend mobile phones running on their network.

HTC posted on Facebook last week their Legend handsets were due to receive an update to Android 2.2, where Vodafone customers today with that very mobile phone received an Over The Air notification message relating to the arrival of Froyo.

The Vodafone branded Legend devices can be upgraded to the latest version of Android OTA, although the update recommends downloading over WIFI as the file size is over 80MB and this can severely impact the accompanying tariff's data allowance.

Customers that have already updated their handsets have reported an overall increase in speed, the ability to install applications to the microSD card, Voice Search and the SMS sorting bug that plagued the shipping handset is now fixed.

Other noticeable changes have been along the lines of the photo section has now been renamed 'Gallery', Video now has its own application, with app sharing and live wallpapers making a welcomed appearance.


At the end of the week Virgin Mobile released the Nokia 6700 Slide, on a cheaply priced contract for just £8.50 a month.

The Nokia 6700 slider based handset arrives with just 100 minutes and a 100 text message allowance, on a 24-month plan.

The Nokia 6700 Slide ships with Symbian S60, 3rd edition feature pack 2, with the same 5 megapixel camera as the 6700 classic handset, although that mobile arrives with the older, less advanced S40 OS.

There's also a 2GB microSD card accompanying the phone, along with a built-in radio and the regular access to the 7,000 plus applications that populate the Ovi app repository.

Nokia's 6700 slide is also available on pay as you go with Virgin Media, for £159.99 which includes a £10 top-up allowance with the phone costing £149.99 directly from Nokia.


One Mobile Ring took delivery this week of the new Sony Ericsson Android handset, the budget Xperia X8. The phone is the latest addition to the SE Xperia range, where it sits in between the large 4-inch screen based Xperia X10 and its micro counterpart - the Xperia X10 mini and mini pro. We thought we would publish these unboxing images here just to whet your appetite, ahead of actually reviewing the handset.


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