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RIM Denies Changes To Indian Service

RIM has contradicted the Indian government’s claim that the company was going to hand over the encrypted data from their Blackberry Enterprise Service.

It had previously been hinted from government sources that RIM were going to provide their encrypted data from BES.

RIM has however insisted that this is not the case and has said in statement that there would be: “No changes to the security architecture for BlackBerry Enterprise Server.”

They also added that “contrary to any rumors, the security architecture is the same around the world and RIM truly has no ability to provide its customers’ encryption keys.”

The Blackberry maker was adamant to stress that, despite the confusion, their talks with the government are still productive and that they “fully expect the matter to be satisfactorily resolved.”

The Indian Government has been threatening to ban Blackberry devices if RIM do not hand over their encrypted data due to fears that BES, which allows users to securely send e-mails and messages, could be used for terrorist purposes.