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Sony Ericsson Working On Multitouch For Xperia X10

Sony Ericsson has revealed that its engineers are currently working on an over-the-air update to add multi-touch capacity to the Xperia X10 series (Normal, Mini and Mini Pro).

Rikard Skogberg of Sony Ericsson wrote that "What has happened is that some brilliant engineers actually were able to change the driver and firmware for the touch digitiser to make some multi touch gestures work. We are still working on perfecting the user experience and I will keep you updated as work progresses."

The lack of Multitouch has been one of the biggest letdowns by Sony Ericsson and has been one of the reasons why the X10 hasn't been as successful as others like the HTC Desire.

A software update is expected to be launched sometimes next year but it may be too late to salvage sales numbers for the X10 as its successor, the X12 is already in the pipelines and other competitors like HTC or Motorola are already preparing souped-up mainstream Android handsets.