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Jobs and Murdoch join to put news on the iPad?

Rupert Murdoch is readying a news service tailored for tablet PCs. And, according to some reports, Apple messiah Steve Jobs, will give the organ his blessing at an unveiling at the end of this month.

Jobs' mooted involvement suggests the news service, dubbed The Daily will be unveiled for the iPad within weeks. The Guardian talks of a "collaboration" between Jobs and Murdoch, based on a report in the rag trade rag Women's Wear Daily.

What is known is that Murdoch's News international is indeed readying a news service for tablets.

One son of Murdoch - James - told hacks in Spain of the project earlier this year. "It's a tablet-only product and it's very exciting," he said. "You'll hear more about that soon," he added saying it would combine "a tabloid sensibility with a broadsheet intelligence".

Murdoch senior is on record as calling the iPad a "game changer". He's also been flailing about trying to shore up his media empire in the new media age, erecting firewalls around his online publications such as the Wall Street Journal and the London Times and claiming rivals will have to do the same or either die or be borged by Google.

A tablet-news service currently means an iPad service, even if the competition is mounting. Women's Wear Daily says Murdoch's publication will cost a dollar a week to subscribe to. It says it will appear ion the iPad initially and be made available on other 'tablets' in due course.

The only mention of any Jobsian involvement, is a note suggesting Jobs is "a major fan" of the Dirty Digger. Will the pair hook up? Will Murdoch don a turtle neck for the occasion? He certainly has the head for it.