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Join Eric Cantona's cash machine revolution

Here's a question: What happens if you take a loan from the bank and can't afford to pay it it back? Answer: the bailiffs come around and take your possessions or your home and throw you out onto the street until the bank says it's satisfied.

Here's another: What happens if your bank runs out of money? Answer: The Government gives the bank YOUR money, money you have paid in taxes, in order to keep the bank managers in champagne and caviar and you in penury.

What is to be done about it? Well according to kung-fu footballer Eric Cantona, taking to the streets and protesting in the old fashioned way makes no difference whatsoever.

But there's a much more effective way of causing revolutions these says, says Eric. The whole system is based on the banks. What would happen if everybody just went down to the bank and withdrew all their money, would the whole system collapse?

The French, being the aspirant revolutionaries they are, want to find out and have decided to December 7th as the day of reckoning.

Here's M. Cantona explaining how it works: