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Mystery Of Naked Man On Google Street View Germany Solved?

Users of Google Street View managed to unearth, a rather weird image of a naked German guy emerging from the trunk of a convertible car, with what appears to be a gallon of oil (or at least some sort of yellow fluid) a few feet away.

There have been a number of suggestions regarding whether the picture (see here) is that of a man looking to clean the inside of the trunk of a car without ruining his clothes.

There's also a broken umbrella next to what looks like a sleeping dog and a lot of bric-a-brac. The photo appears to have been taken either in summer or spring but has been removed from Street View with Google saying that the picture is under review and "will be available soon".

Our (educated) guess is that the naked man just wanted to pay an homage to hit animated TV series "Family Guy" by emulating the "Greased Up Deaf Guy" (check below).

Seriously though, it's probably one of these random pictures of that often pop up on Google due to the nature of the service; which might explain why nearly 250,000 German households asked for their dwellings to be removed from the database.