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AMD Radeon HD 6990 specs leak

UPDATE 02/12/2010 11:27 GMT: The slide has been outed as a fake, leaving us no closer to discovering what AMD has up its sleeve to recapture the top-end performance crown.

The first official specifications for AMD's Radeon HD 6990 4GB 'Antilles' dual-GPU graphics card have leaked out ahead of its planned launch next month.

The slide, leaked by a member of the XtremeSystems Forums, comes from an official AMD press briefing from earlier this month - and while it's rather blurry, it does offer a sneaky look at what we can expect from AMD's latest and greatest.

The card, which features a pair of Cayman next-generation GPUs on a single PCB, certainly looks to be a beast: drawing 300W under load and 30W at idle, the full-length board features 3840 stream processors, 4GB of GDDR5 memory with a bandwidth of 307.2GB/s, and a rasterising engine performance of 64 pixels per clock.

Overall compute power of the card, which is the value most likely to be of interest to Folding@Home fans and makers of GPU-equipped desktop supercomputers, is rated at 6 teraflops in single precision mode or 1.5 teraflops in double precision mode.

The board also includes dual DVI outputs and three mini-DisplayPorts - suggesting six-way EyeFinity will be supported as standard.

It's certainly a monster of a card, but so it should be with its dual-GPU powers. The question remains, however: can it offer realistic competition to Nvidia's just-launched GTX 580 GPU?

Until official pricing information is available from AMD's hardware partners, expected in a few weeks time, that's a question to which only AMD knows the answer.