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Android TV launches in Sweden

A Swedish TV firm has launched an Android-powered telly.

The outfit, which calls itself the People of Lava, has named the TV range 'Scandinavia' and it is currently only available in Sweden. This patriotism may have done it some favours up until a week ago when the country still seemed pretty cool. That then came all that unsavoury Assange business.

Anyhow, unlike Google TV which isn't a TV but a set-top box, this range of tellies are in fact tellies - stupid great ones, ranging from 42-, through 27-, to 52-inch sizes. They have Android plumbed - the somewhat elderly version named Cupcake (1.5).

Built by the firm in Sweden rather than in the Far East 99.9 per cent of all the other tellies you can name are built the gadgets look pretty cool and demonstrate a rather interesting flight of fancy: it's rather like putting a great big mobile phone on your wall.

It runs a version of Google Chrome browser alongside regular TV viewing and inevitably has Facebook and Twitter widgets along with Google Maps, YouTube, Mail and the like.

The 52-incher will cost you in the region of £3,624, plus the boat fare to Sweden. Check it out here.