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Apple And Motorola Dominate Rivals In Customer Satisfaction

A new survey has found that Apple and Motorola are way ahead of rivals Samsung, HTC and Research in Motion in customer satisfaction.

The survey, conducted by research firm ChangeWave, found that 77 per cent of iPhone users claimed to be very satisfied with their device, tech news site Cnet reports.

The survey also found that a further 34 per cent of people would be willing to get an iPhone if it was available on their carriers.

Motorola also scored high on the customer satisfaction list, with around 71 per cent of users claiming to be very satisfied with their smartphones. The company's recent Android-based Droid smartphone was an instant hit with consumers when released earlier this year.

The survey found that 63 per cent of HTC owners were very satisfied with their smartphones and that 54 per cent of them would not change their HTC device for an iPhone if given the choice.

Apple's chief competitor RIM has scored surprisingly low on the customer satisfaction scale, indicating that RIM has not been able to live-up to high consumer expectations. Only 44 per cent RIM users claimed to be very satisfied with their Blackberry device, placing them last in the list, narrowly behind Samsung with 45 per cent customer satisfaction.