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Apple Reiterates Stats As iOS 4.2 Is Released

Apple has confirmed four vital numbers as it unveiled iOS 4.2, facts that illustrate the strength of the iOS platform globally.

Strangely enough but did not provide with any updates since the last one one month ago when the Mac Book Air was released.

The Cupertino-based company says that more than seven billion apps have been downloaded since the App store was released in July 2008.

More than 300,000 apps are now available in 90 countries worldwide across 20 categories, with more than 40,000 native iPad apps, an impressive figure on its own.

The last piece of information that came to our attention is the fact that there are now 125 million iOS users globally, only three years after the launch of the Apple iPhone.

The new iOS 4.2 will offer a host of new features for the iPad including multitasking, the ability to create (and manage folders), AirPlay, AirPrint, Game Center, Unified Inbox, Find my iPhone plus dozen of other features, all without noticeable impact on battery life according to Apple.

Already, a minor update to the iOS 4.2, known as iOS 4.2.1 has already been released to developers. Apple is also set to release a new software update for Apple TV with iOS 4.3 expected to be the first update to cover all four platforms.