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BT Slams Virgin Media Stop The Broadband Con Campaign

BT has hit out against a the 'Stop the Broadband Con' campaign initiated by rival ISP Virgin Media, designed to urge people to protest against the misleading advertising of broadband speeds.

According to IT Pro, telecoms giant BT has spoken against the initiative, describing Virgin Media's campaign as hypocritical.

The company said in a statement to IT Pro: “Virgin has pitched to customers: ‘You’re not getting the broadband you are paying for.’ However, it is the only ISP that charges based on speed, e.g. up to 10Mbps, 20Mbps, 50Mbps. In fact, in some areas of the site broadband is described simply as ’10Mbps’ or ’20Mbps.”

Virgin's Stop the Broadband Con website is aims to highlight all misleading broadband speeds advertised by some service providers to customers.

The website offers a link to, which allows people to find out the actual speeds being offered by their internet service provider.

Virgin is also inviting visitors to join a petition to persuade advertising authorities into curbing the misleading advertisements.