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China Internet Rerouting A 'Random Mistake'

A recent incident which saw a part of the world's internet traffic being re-routed through Chinese servers was the result of a "random mistake", an internet security firm has claimed.

In a blog post, CTO James Cowie, the chief technology officer of Renesys, said that the incident was not a deliberate attack targeting the US government and military.

The incident, which happened on 8 April, resulted in a considerable chunk of the world's internet traffic being re-routed through the servers of China Telecom. The re-routing had affected networks in 170 countries, thousands of which were located in China.

During the 18 minutes in which the incidents occurred, traffic from networks belonging to several governments, including the US government, were re-routed through China Telecom servers.

Cowie said: “The scattershot nature of the hijack suggests a random mistake, not a deliberate attack on anyone in particular. Of course, it's impossible to know for sure.”