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Court Rules Data Jurisdiction At Server Location

The UK High Court has ruled a company is only responsible for 'making available' online content in the country where the servers are located and not in the country where the content is read or used.

According to ZD Net UK, the landmark ruling comes after Football Dataco Limited, the Scottish Premier League Limited, the Scottish Football League and PA Sport UK accused Switzerland-based Sportradar of copying, distributing and passing off their match statics as its own on its sites.

Sportradar argued that UK courts didn't have the jurisdiction to hear a case of copyright infringement against them because the data was stored on servers in Germany. They said that they were not responsible if the content was read and used in the UK as they had made it 'available' only in Germany.

“It is true that the placing of data on a server in one state can make the data available to the public of another state but that does not mean that the party who has made the data available has committed the act of making available by transmission in the State of reception,” the court ruled.