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Facebook Blocks Gmail Data Import

Social networking giant Facebook has barred its users from importing their Gmail address book to the platform using the "Find your Friends" feature.

According to PC Magazine, Facebook users are now unable to find friends on the platform using the contact details in their Gmail address book. The move is the latest in the ongoing spat between Google and Facebook over data sharing.

The disagreement began after Google blocked Facebook users from using their Gmail address book to find friends on the social networking platform. The search giant said that it blocked Facebook because the social network didn't allow users to import contact data from Facebook to Gmail. This had left Gmail users unable to add the details of their Facebook friends onto their Gmail address book.

Facebook retaliated by offering a workaround solution, but now Facebook itself has barred all access to Gmail data from within the platform.

The social network is busy rolling out its own e-mail service, which has been dubbed as the "Gmail killer".