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Here's Why News Corp Will Launch The Daily Newspaper On iPad

Rupert Murdoch will apparently launch a new newspaper exclusively for the iPad, one which is known as "The Daily" and which contain content exclusively created for the title.

Why would News Corp gamble on a completely new medium that has yet to prove itself? Well the answer could well be Rupert Murdoch managed to convince Steve Jobs to use the clout of Apple to promote "The Daily".

In an interesting article called "Is the tech press needed anymore", respected tech blogger, Robert Scoble, explains how Apple iPhone apps are promoted mainly through Apple iTunes.

The crux of his article is Apple iTunes has quickly established itself as a viable platform for pushing Apps. As Scobelizer puts it, a lot of app developers are seeing huge adoption rates without being pushed anywhere but on Apple's iTunes app store.

The Daily is expected to be the first mainstream national newspaper exclusively produced for the iPad which means that it won't be indexed by Google and will rely entirely on Apple for its success, with traditional traffic driver Google completely out of the picture.

The other interesting titbit is that opting for the paid route for "The Daily" newspaper may give a hint about the relative success of putting the online editions of "News of the world" and "The Times" behind paywalls.

Had those two failed, it would have been unlikely that Rupert Murdoch would have given his assent for a money-losing project that involves more than a hundred journalists.