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Kinect Left Open By Design, Claims Microsoft

Microsoft has claimed that its Kinect motion gaming peripheral was left open by design.

Previously, the company had released a statement in which it criticised the open source implementation of Kinect and said it was planning to take legal action in order to protect its IP.

However now, according to Tech Tree, Microsoft executives at the National Public Radio's "Science Friday” claimed that the device was left open by design.

Microsoft's Alex Kipman said in a statement that Microsoft had designed the device in a way that it could not be hacked. He said that hacking Kinect would mean that someone had access to the Kinect algorithm sitting in the Xbox console.

Kipman said that the open source community had not hacked Kinect, but created a PC driver that allowed Kinect to connect to a PC via USB. He implied that the device was left open only for this purpose.

Shannon Loftis, the Studio Manager of Microsoft Game Studios, said in a statement: “As an experience creator, I'm very excited to see that people are so inspired that it was less than a week after the Kinect came out before they had started creating and thinking about what they could do.”