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Most Mac gamers use laptops - survey

Now that Steam For Mac is being supported by Valve's online game distribution service, Mac system metrics are also being included in Valve's Steam Hardware & Software Survey, which is updated monthly with collected data about what sorts of computer hardware and software Steam customers are using. The October 2010 survey edition includes displaying charts and graphs displaying user metrics for both PC and Mac user accounts.

The Ocrober survey's Mac-specific data shows that among Mac owners using Steam, 46.78 per cent are running MacBook Pros, and another 20.25 per cent are on MacBook, which means that 67.03 per cent of Mac gamers prefer laptop sysrtems, with desktop Mac users at a cumulative 32.03 per cent distributed among iMacs, Mac Pros and Mac minis.

This illustrates once again how Mac fans tend to "think different" from typical PC users, who prefer more powerful desktops. MacBooks, Macs and Mac minis evidently having enough grunt to satisfy the average Mac gamer.

A large proportion of Mac users on Steam also evidently don't perceive any compelling need to add extra RAM to boost their gaming experience, with about 53.61 per cent of Mac users running systems with 4GB of RAM (the standard configuration for MacBook Pros and iMacs), and another 31.15 per cent actually using 2GB of RAM. Most of the Mac owners on Steam use computers with the standard memory configuration and either not bothering or needing to upgrade them after purchase.

Not only that, it's also noted that most Mac gamers are running older systems, with the most popular Mac gaming machine being a MacBook Pro with the "mature technology" Nvidia GeForce 9400M graphics processor unit installed, indicating that a large proportion the MacBook Pro gamers on Steam are running systems from 2009.