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Motorola Milestone 2 goes on sale

Popular online mobile phone retailer Expansys has taken stock of the successor to last year's Motorola Milestone Qwerty keyboard Android device - the Milestone 2, SIM free and unlocked for £379.99.

The Motorola Milestone 2 arrives with a 3.7-inch touch screen, Android 2.2 and also features a slide out Qwerty keyboard that's been improved since it's predecessor. Milestone 2 is now accompanied by Motorola's overlay to the Google mobile OS known as MotoBlur, which was missing from the original phone.

Powering the Milestone 2 is a 1Ghz processor, where the original Milestone only ran from a 550Mhz chipset and Android 2.0. The new mobile now has the 802.11n specification, where the phone can also be run as a mobile WIFI hotspot thanks to the new OS.

MotoBlur offers up the ability to have all the phone's contents backed up into a Motorola online user account, where if the phone is lost or stolen the handset can be tracked and all the contents remotely wiped - then completely restored to a replacement mobile.

MotoBlur also brings full message notifications onto the home screen, from social networking feeds, text messaging and emails - only in a much more seamless way than with HTC's Friendstream, as it's thoroughly integrated into Android.

HD video capture is now possible in the new model from its 5 megapixel camera at 720p, with video content being stored on the internal 8GB memory or on to the accompanying 8GB microSD card.

Expansys exclusively retailed the original Milestone handset, where One Mobile Ring believes this could be replicated once again as no other mobile phone network currently has the Milestone 2 listed on their websites although the online handset reseller also has the phone free on Vodafone, starting on a £30 a month tariff.

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