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Mozilla hints at Open App Store

The Mozilla Foundation has hinted at a device-independent App Store for mobile software.

In the not-for-profit organisation's annual report, The State of Mozilla, the outfit suggests that there is room on the web for a platform-agnostic outlet for open source mobile software.

"We know that the 'app' and 'app store' model has a set of characteristics that people like. These include such things as discoverability, ratings, easy installation, easy payment for paid apps, and quick access from the device. However, the current app model also has traits that threaten some of the characteristics that have made the Web so vibrant a platform, particularly in the mobile space," says the report.

Mozilla reckons the fact that most apps are tied to a specific device or platform goes against the whole ethos of an open web, and that 'gatekeepers' such as network operators, device manufacturers and store operators are preventing most people from getting their hands on new functionality.

The Foundation, which also makes the popular web browser Firefox, has been banging on about open web app ecosystems for a while now having designed a prototype built on HTML5, CSS and JavaScript in October.