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News@5: RIM Blackberry Playbook UK Bound Q2 2011, Mobile Providers Block iPhone SIM Move & Net Neutrality

Research in Motion will introduce the Blackberry Playbook tablet in the North American market in the first quarter of 2011, followed by a swift roll out worldwide in the second quarter of next year.

Apple has reportedly been forced to drop the idea of creating embedded SIM cards for the iPhone after mobile service providers threatened to stop subsidising the device. The iPod maker had planned to cut mobile providers out of the sales process of the iPhone with the new SIM cards, in order to form a direct relationship with customers.

UK communications minister Ed Vaizey has claimed that he is in favour of net neutrality, saying that his recent speech calling for a two-tiered internet has been misinterpreted. "I say 'don't block input' [to the internet]. It's my first principle," he told the Guardian. "I say the same as Berners-Lee."

A 10 year old boy has been praised by the police for his quick thinking after he snapped and uploaded the photo of a thief who had nicked an Apple iPhone from a pedestrian. According to Metro, Alex Wilson and his father were waiting in slow traffic when they saw 24 year old Craig Royal steal an Apple iPhone from a pedestrian.

Online retailer Ebuyer has vowed to take on Amazon's Black Friday event with its own version called Lunch-time specials which will run for two hours (between 11am and 1pm) from today to Friday.