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No Chrome OS for Christmas

Google's Chrome operating system, which was widely predicted to have a November launch, won't see the light of day until the New Year according to CEO Eric Schmidt.

Speaking at the recent Web 2.0 conference, Schmidt let slip that the highly anticipated open source OS would be delayed for at least "the next few months," according to eWeek.

Rumours that Chrome was being held back in order to make it a better fit for the rash of tablet PCs expected in the run-up to Christmas were also quashed by the Google boss as he reiterated that the work on the operating system was concentrating on devices with a keyboard.

Chrome has been in the hands of developers for over a year now and Chrome-powered netbooks from all of the big players were thought to be a shoo-in before the end of the year.

We suspect that the success of Google's mobile OS Android, and the lessons learned since its launch, has caused the outfit to rethink its strategy for a largely cloud-based grown-up OS in the same way that Apple iOS4 has applied evolutionary forces to OSX.

Or it could just be that, faced with competition from the likes of Windows, Linux and Mac OSX, the folks at Google just can't distil decades worth of operating system expertise into 12 short months.