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Nokia Admits To N8 Power Problems

Nokia has admitted that its flagship N8 smartphone is suffering from an in-built fault.

According to The Associated Press, Nokia spokeswoman Eija-Riitta Huovinen said that the smartphone was seeing strong sales, but that a small number of handsets are suffering from power problems and not turning on after recharging.

She refrained from divulging the further details on extent of the problem and how many handsets have been affected by it.

The N8 smartphone is Nokia's most recent attempt to compete with Apple's iPhone, RIM Blackberry and Google's Android-based devices. The Symbian^3 device comes with a 12 MP camera and high definition video recording among other features.

Niklas Savander, executive vice president for markets at Nokia said in a blog post: “We have traced it down to the way we assemble the engines, we have as a precautionary measure taken immediate action across the product line.”

Nokia said that the affected smartphones will be fixed under the Nokia warranty scheme.