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Nvidia dual-GPU GTX 595 pic leaks

Details of Nvidia's upcoming dual-GPU Fermi board, the GF110-powered GeForce GTX 595, have leaked out courtesy of a PCB photograph from the Chinese media - and it looks like AMD is going to have a fight on its hands.

We've only just seen the specifications for AMD's soon-to-be-released Radeon HD 6990 dual-Cayman card leaked, and now Nvidia's joining in the fun with a shot of the reference PCB design leaking out of China and first spotted by the guys over at techPowerUp.

Although not a finished board, the image reveals much about the planned design for the Nvidia GeForce GTX 595: firstly, it's a single-PCB design with both GF110 Fermi GPUs located on a single board; secondly, it's almost certainly a 3GB board rather than the 4GB of AMD's rival Radeon HD 6990; and finally it includes the headers for two-way SLI support, meaning two cards can be fitted to a single system for four-GPU rendering power.

The layout of the board would have been physically impossible with the previous generation of Fermi boards featuring the GF100 GPU core: the extremely high power draw meant that a single-PCB dual-GPU implementation would have likely melted its way through the casing.

Power-saving features introduced in the second-generation GF110, including a self-regulating voltage control system, mean that such a device is now plausible - although thus far Nvidia is keeping quiet on the accuracy of the leaked image, or indeed whether such a dual-GPU card is planned at all.

With AMD's upcoming Radeon HD 6990 expected to steal the performance crown from Nvidia's single-GPU GeForce GTX 580, the company might not have long to celebrate before Nvidia snatches it right back again.