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RIM Blackberry Playbook UK Bound For Q2 2011

Research in Motion will introduce the Blackberry Playbook tablet in the North American market in the first quarter of 2011, followed by a swift roll out worldwide in the second quarter of next year.

Speaking to Digitimes, Norm Lo, VP for Asia Pacific of the Canadian manufacturer, confirmed that Playbook, despite its playful name, will target corporate market primarily which means that it will compete with Cisco Cius.

The device will cost $500 and will include full security updates for hardware and software although Lo did not elaborate on this statement. The Playbook, which will support WebKit, Java and Adobe Flash, was unveiled last September and may reach the UK almost nine months after its launch.

The tablet is thinner than all the Blackberry handsets on the market and comes with a dual core processor manufactured by Marvell. It has four times the amount of memory compared to the iPad, Wi-Fi, a five-megapixel camera with a 3-megapixel webcam and a 7-inch 1024x600 pixels touchscreen.

It will also support 4G technology although Lo didn't say whether that would be WiMax, HSPA+ or LTE; RIM risks losing part of its technical superiority as Apple is expected to launch its iPad 2 tablet in January.